Board Committees

Audit & Finance

The purpose of the joint Audit and Finance Committee is to assist the Board in fulfilling their oversight responsibilities with respect to financial accountability, reporting, adequacy of internal controls, financial risk and financial integrity of the organization, regulatory compliance related to financial matters, audit process and performance of the external auditors.

Chair: Carla Madra
Committee Members: Doug Andersen, Theresa Jang, Bevin Wirzba

Fundraising & Innovation

The purpose of the Committee is to assist the Board in carrying out its oversight responsibilities by making recommendations to the Board relative to all aspects of STARS fundraising policies, fundraising strategy, and opportunities that will generate revenue from sources other than fundraising but which are, at all times, linked to the Organization’s charitable purposes and are subordinate to such purposes.

Chair: Michael Broadfoot
Committee Members: Noralee Bradley, Marnie Smith, Gordon Chrenek

Governance & Nominating

The purpose of the joint Governance and Nominating Committee is to assist the Boards in carrying out responsibilities by reviewing and monitoring Board governance. The Governance Committee’s responsibilities include making recommendations to the Boards for Board Director and Board Committee membership and monitoring Board performance according to the goals and objectives of the organization.

Chair: Marnie Smith
Committee Members: Kyle Jeworski, Michael Guttormson, Tasha Giroux

Human Resources & Compensation

The purpose of the joint Human Resources and Compensation Committee is to assist the Boards in carrying out their responsibilities by reviewing the Chief Executive Offer’s goals and objectives, evaluating the Chief Executive Officer’s performance, developing and monitoring a succession plan for the Chief Executive Officer, reviewing recommendations for senior management compensation, monitoring the organization’s human resources policies, and reviewing compensation and human resources issues in support of the achievement of the organization’s strategies.

Chair: Tasha Giroux
Committee Members: Mark Porter, Kyle Jeworski, Michael Broadfoot

Safety & Risk Management

The purpose of the joint Safety and Risk Management Committee is to assist the Boards in carrying out their responsibilities by monitoring and regularly re-evaluating risk identification and risk management practices and in reinforcing the STARS culture of “Safety is an attitude”.

Chair: Mike Marsh
Committee Members: Michael Guttormson, Richard Hotchkiss, Theresa Jang, Dr. Shelly Zubert

Contact our board committee members

To get in touch with our Board Committee members, please contact the STARS corporate secretary.

Laolu Bababunmi – Corporate Secretary