STARS Virtual Care

STARS medical teams are trialing live video consults for critical care patients, an innovation that is furthering our ability to provide critical care, anywhere.

Taking place in Alberta and Saskatchewan bases on a trial basis, the STARS Emergency Link Centre team is using live video feeds, from any mobile device, connecting medical teams “to the bedside” virtually through the STARS Virtual Care program.

We can offer a faster, more efficient understanding of the patient’s condition and need for transport. It’s greatly extending our support to rural patients and colleagues.

The tool being used for the trial is the internationally proven GoodSAM web-based video platform. Through the platform we are able to bring together our air medical crews (AMC) and transport physicians (TP) with pre-hospital providers, rural physicians, and specialist consultants.

A simple text-message link turns a mobile device (works on both iPhone and Android) into a secure webcam, transmitting live video about an ill or injured patient to a receiving transport physician.

Access the user guide

If you are a user of STARS Virtual Care, or would like to understand better how the process works, access our user documentation below.

STARS VC User Guide

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