Our STARS Patients

It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter where you are. If you need critical care, our mission is to be there for you in whatever capacity we can help. Every one of our VIPs — Very Important Patients — has a unique story of how STARS was their best hope in a worst-case scenario. We are honoured to share some of their inspirational stories here.

If you are one of our VIPs and would like to meet your crew or share your story, please email us at vip@stars.ca.

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Taylor Munroe

Taylor Munroe was enjoying a long weekend in the countryside when an off-road adventure with a friend took a tragic twist. A few years after his incident, Munroe visited STARS to reunite with the crew members from his mission. “I’m living my second chance. I’m grateful for every moment. I’m amazingly grateful for STARS, because if I didn’t get the treatment I did when I did, I might not have been able to do any of those things. They helped change my life.”

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Smiling STARS patient Taylor Munroe sits for his portrait inside the open rear clamshell doors of a helicopter.

Rory Stewart

STARS is more than transport. Whether by air, ground or satellite link, the expert care delivered by our doctors, nurses and paramedics comes in many forms. Just ask STARS Very Important Patient Rory Stewart, who credits STARS for helping save his life.

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Portrait of STARS Very Important Patient Rory Stewart in the STARS Emergency Link Centre.

Clayton Orr

This STARS Very Important Patient remembers the evening everything changed for him — and the numerous people along the way who worked to ensure he lived to tell about it.

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Portrait of STARS Very Important Patient Clayton Orr

Jenn Oakes

One moment, Jenn was enjoying a beautiful summer day of boating. The next, she was tossed from the boat into the lake, fighting for her life. Jenn’s life changed forever in that instant, but thanks to STARS allies, she was given a second chance.

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Portrait of STARS Very Important Patient Jenn Oakes

Michelle Salt

On June 27, 2011, Michelle’s enjoyment of a summer evening ride with friends came to an abrupt halt when she lost control of her motorbike and hit a guardrail going up the Cochrane Hill.

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Portrait of STARS Very Important Patient Michelle Salt