STARS Emergency Link Centre

The STARS Emergency Link Centre (ELC) is our 24-hour emergency medical communications centre.

The ELC acts as a logistics hub, allowing us to provide critical care anywhere using any means necessary to deliver care to our patients.

Staffed by our team of highly-skilled emergency communications specialists, the ELC oversees STARS helicopter missions, coordinates transport and care for critically ill and injured patients and facilitates virtual medical consultations with our team of critical care experts.

They also:

  • Manage requests for deployment of helicopters and determine availability of our helicopters.
  • Monitor the location of our helicopters during missions.
  • Communicate with our transport physicians, air medical crews and industry partners on the ground, including ground ambulance, fire services, and hospital staff.
  • Coordinate landing zone preparation prior to crew arrival.
  • Activate and dispatch a range of volunteer search and rescue agencies as needed.