STARS VIGILANT Emergency Communications Centre

STARS VIGILANT Emergency Communication Centre (ECC) was established in 2008 to coordinate emergency response plans on behalf of our industry clients. Trained by the International Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch, STARS VIGILANT emergency communication specialists (ECS) use advanced technology to facilitate emergency response protocols.

STARS VIGILANT can provide you with various emergency response plan services depending on your organization’s needs:

STARS VIGILANT Emergency Call Answer Services

Emergency communications specialists are available 24/7 to provide:

  • Activation of emergency response plans;
  • consistent and accurate call answer services;
  • accurate use of geographical information systems (GIS) mapping technology to confirm incident locations;
  • education and outreach for EH&S team and field staff;
  • activation of incident notification and mass broadcast systems to notify stakeholders of an emergency.

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STARS VIGILANT Emergency Communications Centre Services

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