Kenny Doleac

Chief Strategy And Development Officer

Kenny Doleac is no stranger to the aviation world; he spent seven years as a pilot and officer in the US Army flying Black Hawk helicopters. He served as an aviation officer leading units at Ft. Hood, Texas and deployed abroad, culminating in the command of an assault helicopter company which included a year long deployment to Iraq. In 2011, he decided to leave the military and change career paths; pursuing a joint program and earning a Master of Business Administration from Northwestern University and a Master of Public Administration from Harvard University.  

Kenny then moved into the tech sector, joining Apple in their new product operations group. He led teams in both Cupertino and China with a focus on operations, supply chain and factory management. During his five years at Apple, Kenny led the introduction of several MacBooks to market and worked to rapidly expand operational capabilities in the new Airpods product line. 

After the arrival of their first child in 2018, Kenny and wife, Ashleigh, decided to move from California to Alberta to be closer to family (and the mountains). Upon moving, he made the jump into smaller organizations in the start-up ecosystem. Pairing his product development experience from Apple and leadership skills from the Army, Kenny took on the role of VP of product commercialization at a Calgary based robotics start-up. He loved having the opportunity to lead multi-disciplinary teams and set the strategic direction of an organization; all this while learning and thriving in the hectic, unpredictable tech start-up environment. 

In 2021 when Kenny became STARS chief strategy and development officer, he was able to combine his commitment to public service, desire to operate at the intersection of business and government and draw on his aviator roots. These experiences and passions are what will carry Kenny to maintain and extend STARS goal of innovating pre-hospital patient care. 

When not leading at STARS, Kenny spends his free time as an engaged mentor and coach to the Calgary start-up community and enjoys family outings in the Rocky Mountains with his wife and two daughters. 

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