Cindy Seidl

Chief Clinical Officer

If you are ever lucky enough to meet Cindy Seidl, one of the first things you will likely notice is the compassion in her eyes. You know instantly that she cares. It’s that caring and compassionate nature that is at the core of who she is and which led her down the path of health care.

At the beginning of her nursing career, Cindy attended a two-year nursing program before pursuing her Bachelor of Nursing and Master of Nursing degrees from the University of Saskatchewan.

Her career with STARS began in 2012 when the first Saskatchewan base opened in Regina, and she was tasked with setting up operations and preparing for launch. Prior to her chief clinical officer role, Cindy was STARS lead clinical officer and the provincial director of operations in Saskatchewan. Some of her projects included integrating the STARS program into Saskatchewan’s pre-hospital system, setting up the Saskatoon base and working with local communities to develop heliports across the province. None of which were small accomplishments.

In addition to her role as the provincial director, Cindy continued to work as a flight nurse on missions to be there for the next patient who needed critical care. Today, as chief clinical officer, Cindy is part of a multi-disciplinary team that works on STARS health-care delivery and influences patient care across the organization.

In her downtime, Cindy enjoys being close to her family, spending time at the cabin and almost every activity the involves the outdoors.