The STARS Emergency Link Centre (ELC) is a 24-hour emergency medical communications centre that offers timely information to emergency service providers for critically ill and injured patients as well as a range of services for industry partners.

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In Alberta and Saskatchewan, the STARS ELC oversees STARS helicopter missions, coordinates transport and care for critically ill and injured patients, and facilitates online medical consultations.

When seconds count and the mission is critical, timely and accurate sharing of information is vital to the patient’s outcome. To meet this need, the STARS Emergency Link Centre (ELC) is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by a team of highly skilled Communication Specialists.


  • Oversees STARS helicopter missions
  • Coordinates transport and care for critically ill and injured patients
  • Facilitates on line medical consultations
  • Communicates between the helicopter-based crew and ground ambulance, fire services and hospital staff
  • Manages requests for deployment of the helicopters
  • Monitors the location of the helicopters while in flight
  • Coordinates landing zone preparation prior to their arrival
  • Oversees the patient’s care until they arrive at the hospital
  • Manages information and connects key decision makers together
  • Teleconferences with a STARS Transport Physician who can assess the patient’s status
  • Determines the availability of transport resources
  • Activates and dispatches a range of volunteer search and rescue agencies