Cody Kerr

STARS Very Important Patient Cody Kerr, wearing a ball cap, leans on the nose of a red helicopter while posing for a photo.

Cody Kerr recalls everything that happened before his truck crashed. He had attended his cousin’s wedding and visited with family. He recalls that not long after eating lunch and driving away, an oncoming vehicle veered into his lane along a straight stretch of highway. His options were limited. He could hit the vehicle head-on, or drive off the road. He was faced with a split-second decision to save himself and his family. Cody swerved into the ditch away from the approaching vehicle.

“If I turned too late, it was going to be a head-on collision; if I turned too soon he would hit the rear door where my son was.”

After waking up lying on the ground, his memory stuttered and he couldn’t recall what happened to his wife and two children. During the three days of drifting in and out of consciousness in hospital, Cody believed his family had died in the incident. Slowly, after fully regaining awareness, the pieces came together and he remembered the crash, his STARS flight and that his family was safe and alive.

“These people saved my life,” Cody says about STARS as he reflects on that day. Today he is on the road to recovery and backed by the care of his supportive wife and children.

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