Bonnie Fortin

Portrait of STARS Very Important Patient Bonnie Fortin

Moments after Bonnie Fortin met her fourth son, Emery in August 2013, her health went downhill rapidly. A scheduled C-section had led to profuse bleeding.

“I have to put you to sleep now, Bonnie,” a doctor at the Cypress Regional Hospital in Swift Current said in her ear.

Bonnie awoke two days later in ICU at the Regina General Hospital to learn she had nearly bled to death following complications from the surgery.

“I was in critical condition when STARS arrived and running out of time,” said Bonnie. “Using their skills and knowledge they stabilized me enroute to hospital enough that I would survive surgery. It’s amazing what these people can do in the back of a helicopter.”

Since her mission, Bonnie has shared her story with friends and strangers every chance she gets. In 2014 she launched a Mother’s Day fundraiser for STARS in her rural community and donated more than $18,000 to our non profit. Bonnie says fundraising and volunteering her time is the least she can do.

“Without STARS, I would not be here. My husband Dayle would be raising our four boys alone and that would have left a big hole in my family.”


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