The name of Carleton’s kennel tells a story in itself. Valina and her husband Carleton chose the name Starstruck Labradors because on January 15, 2006 the car Valina was traveling in was struck head on by another vehicle, and she was flown to Calgary by STARS.

Valina, age 17 at the time of the accident, was going home to Three Hills with her sister and a friend. The accident occurred north of Innisfail on Highway 2.

Valina suffered significant life threatening injuries including a broken skull, two breaks in her neck, multiple broken ribs, broken right foot, brain injury, spleen and liver lacerations and punctured lungs. She also had severe facial injuries, and still suffers residual memory loss.

Valina does recall the sound of the helicopter as she was cared for by the STARS crew, but she doesn’t remember many things up to six months prior to the accident nor does she remember many important occasions since.

Valina, who was married later that year to Carleton, even has difficulty remembering her wedding!

The young couple is now building a house by Three Hills, where Valina can focus her attention on being the “head canine socializer” at Starstruck Labradors. So far they have bred 22 beautiful Labrador puppies that have gone to homes across the country. They donate a portion of the sales to STARS.

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