It was a perfect day for sledding. Shaylin and her family were spending Family Day with her grandparents in Del Bonita, Alberta. Her uncle took Shaylin, her brother Connor and their two cousins out to a nearby hill.

However, when Shaylin and Connor went down the hill together on a sled, something went wrong and they were sent flying through the air.

Shaylin landed on her face. When her uncle got to her, she was unconscious and he went for help. Fearing the ambulance would be unable to get through the deep snow on the farm, both children were taken by car towards Cardston Hospital. A ground ambulance met them halfway and took Shaylin, who was unresponsive at that point. Connor had less serious injuries.

When they reached Cardston, hospital staff feared Shaylin had a brain injury and called STARS to take her to the Alberta Children’s Hospital. By the time STARS arrived, one of her lungs had collapsed.

In addition to the other internal injuries, Shaylin had a basal skull fracture and was in a coma for two days, but fortunately during that time, her brain stopped swelling. When she awoke, she saw her parents and gave them a thumbs up sign.

Today, Shaylin is doing well and recommends always wearing a helmet when sledding.

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