Sean Craigen dreamed of motorcycle racing since childhood. In May, 1991, at age 20, he participated in his inaugural road race. It was a big moment, and his mom was in the Race City Speedway crowd. Sean had prepared himself by taking riding classes and safety lessons. He checked the track and wore the proper equipment. Yet, during the race he slammed into a wall.

He was face down on the track and his helmet was shattered. STARS landed in the parking lot of the speedway and the crew rushed him to hospital. Sean’s injuries were extensive, including a crushed skull and a torn heart.

“Doctors said they didn’t know if I was going to live,” said Sean. “That’s sobering to hear.” Although he doesn’t recall the crash or the weeks following, his support for STARS is strong.

“We can wear the right equipment and plan to be as safe as possible but things can go wrong. If it were a perfect world we wouldn’t need STARS.”

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