Pasha Thomson was enjoying an ordinary day on a ski hill with his cousin when he slammed into a tree. When his cousin was left waiting alone at the end of the run, he began to suspect something was wrong. After finally being able to get in touch with Pasha’s dad, Don, they started the search.

Don told the ski patrol, “I need to go up and find my son.”

He climbed to where Pasha had last been seen. A broken branch caught his eye and when he investigated, Pasha laid at the base of a tree tangled up in branches.

He’d suffered a severe head injury and it was clear that he needed to be stabilized and brought to hospital.

“Once I was stable they flew me to hospital. That is the only reason I’m still here, because STARS saved my life,” says Pasha.

According to his father, Pasha’s full recovery is due to the care he received in the back of the helicopter. For such a traumatic brain injury, some people die, and most people never fully recover, unlike Pasha.

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