Twelve-year-old Lorenz would rather work than play around. It was this hard working nature that took him to the mechanic shop on the Cloverleaf Hutterite Colony on one sunny Saturday afternoon in May.

He was tasked with cleaning the truck wash. When he was finished he was to close the electric overhead garage door. However, a piece of pipe had fallen into the door’s track and would not let it close properly.

When Lorenz pushed the open button again, his arm got caught and he was pulled 16 feet to the ceiling until the door stopped.

His screams brought the attention of another boy who ran for help. By the time help arrived, Lorenz had fallen to the ground, his arm still caught above in the door.

As his father, Joe, prepared to take him to meet a ground ambulance from Drumheller, others on scene got Lorenz’s arm from the door. STARS met the ground ambulance in Drumheller and took him to the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary.

Thanks to rapid transport, surgeons were able to successfully reattach his arm in a nine-hour surgery.

Today Lorenz has regained much use of his arm and continues to recover from the incident.

“We will forever be grateful to have STARS in the sky,” said Joe. “Thank you STARS for your quick response.”

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