On October 2, 2010 STARS was holding an official 25th anniversary celebration at its Calgary base, with over 25 former patients in attendance. Near the end of the event, the STARS helicopter was dispatched for a call near Pincher Creek for a quadding accident.

While former STARS patients watched the helicopter take off and hoped for the best outcome for the patient in need, it was an emotional moment.

Only a few weeks later, STARS received an email from Linda Moedt, the patient who was transported that day. Coincidentally, Linda is a nurse from Taber who has cared for many patients subsequently transported by STARS and said it was a strange feeling to be on the “receiving end” of health care.

Linda explained how she had tried quadding for the first time and as a passenger on the machine, ended up in an accident after encountering some large bumps on the trail. The quad flipped and Linda’s husband Dave had to free Linda, who was in excruciating pain.

Because of their remote location, it took the ambulance more than an hour to reach them and another hour to transport Linda to Pincher Creek Hospital.  Because of the length of time and Linda’s potentially critical injuries, STARS had been called and was waiting to fly Linda to Foothills Medical Centre.

Physicians treated Linda for an injury to her neck, a concussion and fluid on her heart, and stitched a serious gash in her forehead. After five days in hospital, Linda returned home to her relieved family.

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