As Kurt Ferguson lay impaled by a piece of steel rebar from his right armpit to behind his left ear in the helicopter, he found a reason to be grateful:  “I am so lucky STARS was available that day,” said Kurt, 24. “That helicopter was just what I needed – a smooth, quick ride to hospital.”

Kurt was working in Moose Jaw, SK in September, 2013 at a residential construction site on the top floor of a two-storey house. He crossed the floor, stepped into a hole created for the staircase and plummeted to the basement. Time stood still for Kurt as he waited for his coworkers.

“I tried shouting but I couldn’t talk or move,” he said. “No sound came out and I was trapped.”

Once his boss discovered him, he called 911. Fire fighters used a grinder tool to trim the rebar so Kurt could be lifted through the basement window on a stretcher, but the steel stayed in his body en route to Moose Jaw Union Hospital.

Because of the extensive trauma to Kurt’s body, STARS was called to carry him to Regina for surgery to remove the rebar. The incident left Kurt with two shattered two vertebras and an injury to his spinal cord, although he keeps active by snowboarding and wakeboarding. Since his mission he’s visited the Regina base to meet his crew.

“I’m impressed with how highly trained they are,” he said. “Because of their quick response I get to see my family and friends.”


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