It’s often said that STARS arrives on a patient’s worst day.

STARS picked me up after I was involved in a single-vehicle rollover on a wintery morning. What was initially the worst day of my life, turned out to be the most important.

My medical crew didn’t just save my life – those men and women changed my life. But that change didn’t happen right away. First, I had to come to terms with my future. My skull and face were crushed in the incident, leaving me unrecognizable. I couldn’t look at my reflection without feeling horrified by the trauma to my face and my missing hair.

I briefly wished I had died in that accident. In time, I chose to fight for a better life and embraced the second chance I was given.

After my surgeries I pushed myself at physiotherapy and enrolled in university. As the same time, I worked at three different hospitals to save money and gain experience.

In April, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. It is my dream to work for STARS one day so I can provide care and compassion for patients on their worst days.

I want to help give others the second chance I was given.

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