Before Jeremy Hofer began his work day atop his colony’s new dairy barn, he clipped on his safety harness and scrambled up the tin-covered roof to clear the snow. It was March, 2013 and frost blanketed the metal. Members of the Hodgeville Hutterite colony had been building the barn for months. Jeremy, then 17, remembers spotting a hole in the roof. He remembers his foot sliding down the tin. He remembers his fear of falling. Thankfully, he doesn’t remember landing on the cold, hard ground.

“I was trying to step over the opening and slipped and fell straight through,” said Jeremy.

Unfortunately, his harness wasn’t measured properly. A coworker called 911 and paramedics were dispatched. Hofer was transported to nearby Herbert, SK where a ground ambulance met STARS.

“I was grateful for the helicopter because it would have been a two-hour drive.”

Hofer’s injuries included a broken neck, pelvis, elbow, hip and tailbone – the majority of which doctors rebuilt. Not long after leaving hospital, Hofer visited the Regina base to meet his crew.

“Not many people live through something like that and then get to thank the people who saved their life,” said Jeremy.

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