I almost didn’t graduate college.

Part way through my first year of an agriculture management diploma, the vehicle I was travelling in was broadsided by a train.

My world immediately went dark as I sustained a severe head injury and slipped into a coma. I can’t recall the moments before the crash or anything that happened during my rescue. I do know one thing, however: without STARS I wouldn’t have graduated from college.

Without STARS – and all the medical professionals who fought so hard to save my life – I couldn’t have walked across that stage to the roaring cheers of my teachers, family and peers.

Without STARS – and all the people who believe in the service – I would not be proudly working on my family’s farm as an award-winning fourth generation farmer and rancher.

It takes a community to save a life and as a Very Important Patient I am grateful to organizations that help ensure STARS can be there for the next patient.

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