At 37 years old, most people are focused on their careers, family and friends, not recovering from a heart attack. Being relatively young, a heart attack was the last thing James Pohl expected, and thanks to STARS he is able to continue focusing on his wife, Nicole, and their three boys.

Nicole stood by, feeling helpless, as James was airlifted by STARS for an inter-facility transfer. “Watching my husband leave in the helicopter was gut-wrenching, but I felt he was safe,” she recalls. After takeoff, she gathered her boys and raced to the hospital. STARS flight paramedic, Cam Bell called Nicole during the mission, providing updates on her husband’s condition. He was stable, but needed an angiogram. This put her mind slightly at ease, but her main thought was to be able to be there for James.

“The whole ordeal was so surreal and the STARS team was able to make it a little less scary,” says Nicole as she reflects on that day. “Cam and flight nurse Pat may think they were just doing their jobs, however that day they saved my best friend, a husband and a father.”

James has since returned to work and is able to watch his boys grow up.

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