When Hayley Walker-Ross and her boyfriend were injured in an ATV rollover, she suffered a serious spinal injury and compressed skull fracture in the rollover, which also left her pinned underneath the two-seater ATV.

It was quickly discovered that she was in life-threatening condition and required immediate critical care. STARS was dispatched and transported Hayley to hospital.

Hayley has been deeply impacted by her the physical effects of the crash, including losing her sense of taste which meant she had to leave her prior career as a professional chef.

Despite that setback, Hayley realizes how fortunate she is that STARS was able to land near the scene of the rollover and transport her to hospital.

“I don’t know where I would be or how I would be if wasn’t for STARS. They saved my life.”

Since her crash, Hayley has become a strong STARS ally, volunteering at a number of fundraising events and speaking on behalf of the organization.

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