STARS is committed to providing continuing education and professional development opportunities for our partners in the chain of survival.


COVID-19 Education resources

STARS is making available some of its educational material to aid clinicians who are responding to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Mobile Education Program

This mobile training program provides specialized critical care skill training to STARS crews and other emergency care providers.

STARS Academy

This outreach education program is available to rural and urban emergency service providers in air medical care, critical care transport, and system access.

Research & Partnerships

STARS is dedicated to the growth of knowledge and skills in emergency medicine through innovation and research. We participate in research efforts to enhance the effectiveness of the chain of survival.

Electives at STARS

Each academic year, STARS accepts residents for a Transport Medicine elective. These four week blocks are designed to give a student exposure to the helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS) world


The Operational Outreach Program facilitates the exchange of information between STARS and the organizations we serve, ensuring the most effective patient care and transport possible.