There is something special about having the chance to shake the hand of the people who were with you in the helicopter on the day you needed critical care. What many people don’t know is just how special it is for our crew members to reunite with patients after the mission.

Often our crews do not get to hear about a patient’s recovery or what they remember about the mission.

Bonnie Fortin was flown by STARS after a complication following the birth of her third child. “I actually do not remember my flight.” Fortin said, “The last thing I remember, my baby was born, and they sent him off with my husband. The doctor said, “Okay Bonnie, I have to put you to sleep now.’ I woke up three days later in the hospital.”

Bonnie may not have remembered, but her crew members did. “My dad actually ran into a STARS booth at a convention. He started talking to Cindy Seidl, STARS flight nurse, and told her my story. Cindy remembered me.”

Years later they reunited.

“Meeting patients after the fact is the greatest,” said Jenny Thorpe, STARS flight nurse. “It’s the greatest opportunity because they have this story that’s so valuable to tell and share.”

Have you been cared for by STARS? We would love to hear your story, and when it is safe to do so we would love to have a reunion.

Tell us your story at vip@stars.ca.