Dr. John Froh

Chief Medical Officer

Teamwork, clinical excellence and performance under pressure have been paramount to Dr. John Froh’s decades-long career in emergency and transport medicine.

Whether calmly leading teams through mass-casualty incidents or helping lead the Saskatchewan Health Authority’s COVID-19 pandemic response, Dr. Froh knows that it takes the skilled hands of many to save a life.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Science at the University of Regina, he completed his medical degree followed by residencies in family and emergency medicine at the University of Saskatchewan, where he continues to teach. John enjoys his clinical practice of emergency and trauma care as Attending Emergency Physician and Attending Trauma Service Physician in the Departments of Emergency Medicine and Surgery with the Saskatchewan Health Authority in Saskatoon.

Dr. Froh joined the STARS team in 2012 as a transport physician and medical director of the then newly opened Saskatoon base, helping to ensure the clinical care and movement of critically ill and injured patients throughout the province.

In his new role as Chief Medical Officer for STARS, Dr. Froh is responsible for care delivered by the organization to the sickest and most injured patients across Western Canada from our six bases of operation.

John has enjoyed contributing to leadership teams throughout his career, most recently as the Deputy Chief Medical Officer–Pandemic with the Saskatchewan Health Authority and previously as Area Chief of Staff in Saskatoon. In 2021 he received the prestigious Dr. Dennis A. Kendel Distinguished Service Award for outstanding contributions to physician leadership and to physician engagement in quality improvements in health care in Saskatchewan.

When not helping to save lives, Dr. Froh loves spending time his wife and three children on his acreage. He enjoys basketball, outdoor cooking and is a car enthusiast.