Jorja Strauss

Portrait of STARS Very Important Patient Jorja Strauss

Long before young Jorja Strauss needed urgent critical care from STARS, her parents and grandparents were passionate supporters.

As they sent in donations, volunteered and fundraised at a hockey tournament for about 20 years and most recently through the 4H Club in support of STARS, Blaine and Dezeree Strauss would have no idea that one of their children would sustain a life-threating traumatic injury and need our helicopter and crew to help save her life.

“We never actually thought we would need STARS,” said Blaine, who lives with his family on a farm, far from the city and urgent care. “It is an absolute necessity in rural areas where we don’t have access to the urgent care we do need out there. We’re not terribly far in the country either compared to some real remote areas.”

Jorja was critically injured in a farming accident as the family was building an addition to a work shed. She was accidentally struck with a projectile nail from a nail gun. The nail pierced her abdomen, striking several organs. The 3.5″ nail pierced her lowest left rib, then went through her stomach, pancreas, spleen and into her kidney.

The family rushed her to their local hospital where medical staff knew Jorja needed critical care at a trauma centre immediately and called STARS. Jorja was flown to the closest children’s hospital by helicopter, while our crews provided care along the way.

She doesn’t remember much about her ordeal, but Jorja wisely cautions that accidents can and do happen, and she is grateful to STARS for that reason.

“It’s pretty important because accidents happen every day,” said Jorja, who has fully recovered from her injuries. “They’re mostly just accidents. No one means to do them purposely, but STARS is just there to help you, especially when there’s special accidents with younger kids like me. But it’s just really important that STARS is in our life because they’re here to take us to the place that we need.”

Her parents are eternally grateful for the support of donors who ensure we can be there for the next patient who needs our help.

“I don’t know if she’d be here today if it weren’t for STARS,” said Dezeree.


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