Breanna Booy

Portrait of STARS Very Important Patient Portrait of STARS Very Important Patient Breanna Booy

Playing on a swing set: it’s a favourite pastime for many six-year-olds. Breanna Booy was doing just that on Sept. 21, 2013, when the set collapsed, sending the wood frame crashing down on her head.

Her younger sister Shelby somehow managed to lift the post off and run to their father, Darcy, for help. “She was unconscious, crying out in pain,” said mother, Angela Booy.

An ambulance arrived quickly at the property, 67 kilometres north of North Battleford. Paramedics knew Breanna needed urgent care and requested that STARS respond to save precious moments.

“When I heard STARS was coming I was torn between the fear of how serious Breanna’s injuries were and the hope that STARS could get her the help she needed faster,” said Angela.

Breanna spent ten days in the pediatric intensive care unit at Royal University Hospital, before emerging from a coma.

Today, she is playing hockey, running and using playground equipment. “STARS, along with the help of their partners, gave us our healthy little girl back,” said Angela. “STARS is our family’s angel in the sky.”

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