Adair O’Grady

Portrait of STARS Very Important Patient Adair O'Grady

I’ve enjoyed the first day of seeding with my dad for the past 30 years. It’s one of the most exciting times on the farm.

But last spring, that excitement quickly turned to our worst nightmare.

My dad didn’t realize I was on the ground in front of him calibrating our new air drill, and he inadvertently drove our pickup onto my body.

Dad immediately reversed the truck and found me lying there, in shock and struggling to breathe. We cried, prayed, and called for help.

One year later I was back in that same field, farming with my dad.

My recovery has been difficult, but I was determined to get back to being a father to my own three children as soon as I could. I’ve even been able to ski and snowmobile with my wife and kids — something I wasn’t sure would be possible one year earlier.

I’m amazed by the gifted individuals at STARS who put their hearts and lives into their jobs.

As I watch my children and my crops grow, I’m incredibly grateful.


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