Unlike many patients, Tyson Hribnak remembers the crew who treated him during his helicopter transport. Although his body was wracked with the pain of being caught in a propane explosion inside his family’s camping trailer, the soothing words of his flight paramedic made the journey to the Alberta Children’s Hospital a little easier.

“I won’t forget paramedic Scott, who said he was going to take care of me,” said Tyson.

The boy and his grandfather were injured in the fire on Aug. 31 2012, while the family camped near Pincher Creek, AB. While his grandfather investigated an odour, the propane tank exploded, spitting fire into the trailer. Following several surgeries and skin grafts Tyson and his grandfather have recovered.

To express his gratitude, Tyson, 13, raises funds for STARS by shoveling his neighbours’ walks in Okotoks.

Patient update: A little more than a year has passed since Tyson almost lost his life. Now, he is trying to break a STARS record. The 14-year-old is determined to sell more STARS calendars than anyone has since the campaign began 20 years ago in 1994. Being featured in the 2014 calendar during the month of January isn’t the only reason Tyson is knocking on doors and going online to sell the 20th edition calendar. He says the campaign is a great way for patients to share their stories of hope with the rest of the province. Currently, the sales record by an individual sits at 563. Tyson’s goal is to sell 650.

His family has set up a Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/Ty2014STARSCalendar, where they share information about his accident, his STARS flight and his calendar campaign. The teenager was also recently featured in a newspaper article in his hometown of Okotoks. Beginning in January, Tyson will help STARS with one of our biggest fundraising efforts: the STARS Lottery. Watch for him playing lacrosse with his friends in our TV commercials.

His family is proud of his recovery and his attitude. “Ty’s accident does not define him,” says his mother, Karly Hribnak. “It has taught us all the importance of community, giving back and of appreciating the gift of each day.”

Sales of the calendar generate more than $1 million of life-saving funds for STARS each year. As an added bonus, on top of the popular STARS tattoo bandages, this year’s calendar includes a limited edition Christmas CD, with music performed by award-winning country music artist Gord Bamford.

To help Tyson reach his goal, supporters can go to www.starscalendar.ca and order a calendar online. Just make sure to type Tyson into the discount code.

Watch Tyson share his story here.

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