Terri Amey doesn’t recall much about what happened on December 9, 2009 but she does know that her family may have been spending the holidays without her had it not been for the rapid transportation and medical care she received from STARS that morning.

The weather was bad that morning when Terri left Airdrie for her job in Calgary and according to witness and police reports, when someone in front of her started to fishtail she veered to miss the vehicle. Her small car went across all three lanes of southbound traffic and ended up in the middle lane of oncoming traffic. She collided with a semi that had two trailers connected to it, and the impact pushed her car back into the median.

Two people who witnessed the collision stopped to help, as they were experienced in first aid, and stayed with her for the entire 45 minutes she was trapped in the vehicle. Terri’s ankle was caught under the clutch, and her rescuers worked feverishly to free her. As emergency crews from Airdrie and Balzac arrived on scene to assist, they called STARS to transport her to hospital in Calgary.

Her severe injuries included a laceration on her stomach from the steering wheel cutting into her and numerous broken bones including left ankle, both femurs, right hip, front and back of her pelvis, six ribs, her right eye socket and a bone at the base of her skull.

She was in the Foothills Medical Centre for five weeks, followed by another 13 weeks in rehabilitation. Terri has since had six surgeries and continues her recovery.

Terri and her family visited the Calgary base in 2010 to meet the crew who cared for her and they have since become loyal STARS supporters.

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