Like all of us, Tami Wilson has a daily routine: see her husband off to work, prep her kids for school, and take some time for herself. One calm fall day, Tami went horseback riding with a couple of friends, which is a common pastime for her. She’s been riding horses her entire life, and has never experienced anything out of the ordinary. On this particular day, things changed.

“The end of the day was completely different than what I had planned for.”

Tami’s horse bucked. She fell off and was knocked unconscious. Her friends sprang into action and called 911. With the potential severity of her injuries, STARS was also dispatched. Because she had a traumatic brain injury, it was necessary to get Tami to care, and fast.

“Life can turn in a heartbeat. We all know that. You know, life happens, things happen, accidents happen. It did in my family, and all the medical personnel that were there in my time of need, my family’s time of need, were a real blessing, with STARS being a huge one.”

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