After 25,000 volts of electricity went through Steven’s body on a field at the Morinville Colony, nobody there thought he had survived.

As someone moved an auger towards some bins, Steven was helping guide them in and didn’t realize that it had touched the main overhead power line coming in off the highway. When he touched the tractor, the electricity went through him, and he collapsed on the ground.

Fortunately, some of his friends at the scene had just finished a CPR course, and they performed the life-saving technique for over 15 minutes until they saw signs of life.

STARS landed on the scene and took Steven to the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton.

Steven endured three days of surgery. He lost his right hand at the wrist, all the toes on his right foot and three toes on his left foot. One of the surgeries involved taking a muscle from his right thigh and using it to reconstruct the top of his foot.

He spent five months in the burn unit at the U of A Hospital, and another two months in the Glenrose Rehabilitation Centre.

After a total of 13 operations, with still a few to come, Steven is adapting well.

“The worst part is over,” he said.

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