As he prepares for his 29th summer at his family’s cottage near Whiteshell Provincial Park, Steven Lipischak credits STARS for giving him the chance to return to his favourite espace following an injury last fall.

STARS gave me a second life,” said Lipischak, who lives in Winnipeg. “The doctors say it’s incredible I survived.”

Lipischak was standing on a stepladder platform changing lighting on Friday, Sept. 13, 2013, when he extended too far.

“I flew off the ladder and hit my head on the concrete pads,” he said.

While a neighbour called 911, Cecelia Lipischak began CPR on her husband of 34 years. Paramedics found Lipischak slipping in and out of consciousness. The ground crew knew there was a small window to get him to critical care, so STARS was requested. Within an hour, STARS was dispatched from the base, had rendezvoused with paramedics on a nearby highway and whisked Lipischak to Winnipeg’s Health Sciences Centre. He thanks STARS every chance he gets.

STARS is there for people living in rural areas, but STARS is also there for city folk like me.”

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