Five-year-old Shaine’s challenges began when he was a baby diagnosed with Goldenhar Syndrome (a missing chromosome) that can cause birth defects and learning disabilities. He was later diagnosed with a rare brain cancer and underwent chemotherapy before the tumour was successfully removed.

After spending considerable time in hospital, Shaine went home. After years without medical issues, in the summer of 2010 his parents took the family on a camping trip. During that trip, Shaine suffered a long seizure and became unresponsive. He was taken by ambulance to the Cardston Hospital then subsequently airlifted by STARS to the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary.

“We never imagined we’d need STARS, but when we were faced with this terrifying experience, we knew Shaine was in the best of hands with the STARS team,” said Stephanie Lynn, Shaine’s mom.

Today, Shaine is doing well, with a smile that could brighten anyone’s day!

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