No parent wants to drive down the road and see their teenager’s car in the ditch. After Selena Anderson’s rollover, it was coincidentally her parents, Darcie and Brad, who were the first to find her. As Selena was, they too were returning to the family farm after running errands in town. Brad comforted his injured daughter while Darcie frantically called 911.

Given that she had a broken pelvis, Selena wouldn’t be able to withstand the pain associated with ground transport, so STARS was called. Depending on the injury and its associated levels of pain, it’s best practice to transport patients by air to keep them as comfortable as possible. This is very common for severe damage to the pelvis.

Selena’s back in good health, and credits that to her crew.

“They’re a great team, and deserve so much support and thanks for everything that they do.”

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