Sasha is a single mom and was going to pick up her kids at a day-home just outside of Beaumont in July of 2008. She had stopped to make a left hand turn just out front when she was rear-ended by a truck and pushed into oncoming traffic. Her vehicle was then t-boned by a truck and then rear-ended by yet another vehicle.

Her father happened to be driving by the accident and recognized her damaged car by a rust spot on the front. He was on scene even before the police, as was the owner of the day home who was caring for Sasha’s two young children.

Sasha had obvious head injuries, so STARS was called to transport her to the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton. It took only four minutes, and her father met her there shortly afterwards.

Remarkably, she only spent a day in hospital. She had several staples in her head and was badly bruised, but she was anxious to go home to her children.

Almost two years later, she continues to go to physiotherapy and see a neurologist, as she still suffers from memory loss. Sasha has no recollection of the accident or being transported by STARS.

She feels fortunate to be alive, and thanks STARS for the role they played in getting her to tertiary care so quickly.

She took her children to the Edmonton STARS base a few months later to meet the crew who transported her.

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