An appointment with a cardiologist turned out to be the most heartbreaking day of Roseann Gouchee’s life.

She and her husband Gerry were merging onto the Yellowhead Highway between Sherwood Park and Edmonton on Jan. 12, 2011 en route to the specialist when their vehicle was broadsided by a semi-truck. Gerry was thrown from the vehicle and Roseann was trapped inside. While first responders worked furiously to free her, time ticked down. STARS was called to land on the highway and carry her to Royal Alexandra Hospital.

Tragically, Gerry passed away in the crash. Roseann sustained extensive injuries including fractures and two brain bleeds and was hospitalized four months.

While she misses her husband of 49 years every day, Roseann relishes her time with friends, children and grandchildren. She also embraces opportunities to spread the word about STARS by volunteering for our non-profit.

“I feel strongly that I would not be alive if not for STARS picking me up,” said Roseann. “I had hypothermia and was seriously injured. I believe STARS was there for me because my children would not have been able to handle losing both parents at once. I’m so grateful.”

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