Romi Friesen was having fun zip-lining with friends when, in an instant, “everything went wrong.” Due to an issue with the equipment, Friesen suffered a serious injury to her foot that placed the future of the limb in jeopardy.

“The zip-line wasn’t calibrated right, but we didn’t realize that. So when I went down the zip-line, instead of going onto the landing, I literally went into the landing. My foot was totally smashed into pieces.”

With time running out to save Friesen’s foot, STARS was called to the youth camp where the incident occurred, to provide critical care and get her to hospital as soon as possible. She required two surgeries to save the foot and has since had another three surgeries due to various complications.

Friesen’s recovery has been a tough one times at times, but she has stayed positive through the surgeries and rehab. She is also thankful to STARS for being there for her.

“My accident was just that, an accident. It can happen to anybody at any time, but without STARS I wouldn’t have a foot and that would have totally changed my life in a very different and drastic way from the way that my life is now. So, thank you!”

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