Muriel is a happy and playful toddler. At the age of two Muriel was transported by STARS when she had a seizure at her home, in Thorsby, that lasted more than 40 minutes. She was transported to the University of Alberta hospital. With the help she received that day from emergency services, the Thorsby Fire Department and STARS, Muriel has not experienced any more seizures and is back to her normal, adorable self.

Muriel enjoys building block towers, playing with her dog Murphy, and drawing pictures. Muriel’s family enjoys the outdoors, camping and swimming. You can often find Muriel spending her time with friends and family. Muriel’s father, Sean, is a commercial plumber and is also a volunteer firefighter with the Thorsby Fire Rescue and a member of the Lions Club in Thorsby. Muriel’s mother, Laura, was a legal assistant before having Muriel. Muriel has a large extended family that lives in and around Edmonton.

“Before Muriel’s flight, we never thought about what we would do if there was an emergency”, said Laura. “Things could have been much different if she had ridden in a ground ambulance for over an hour to receive the medical treatment that may have prevented brain damage.”

Muriel is very talkative, sweet and outgoing. She is eager to learn new things and pleases everyone around her with hugs, high fives, polite waves and a big smile.

Muriel’s family believes that STARS has made a difference in Muriel’s life. “It has become apparent to us that anyone who lives in a rural area – as we do – STARS can be the difference between life and death”, said Laura. “It has really hit home for us that even though we feel safe, happy, and healthy, anything can happen and it makes us feel so much better knowing that we have such an amazing service like STARS on our side.”

Muriel’s parents, Sean and Laura Cooke, are conducting a fundraising initiative to generate donations for our Fund-a-Flight program to thanks STARS for flying Muriel when in need. Laura and Sean are asking friends, family, and willing individuals to make a contribution to their $5,400 goal to fund one STARS flight. To make a pledge towards their objective, visit their personal fundraising page.

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