To hear Mike Herbison tell it, you would think it was no big deal to collide head-on with a loaded gravel truck.

“We were both travelling full highway speeds. The driver had a fully loaded tandem trailer gravel truck. “David vs Goliath,” he said with a laugh. “I won, in my opinion. I’m still here.”

Truth is, Herbison is gravely serious when recalling the crash.

After impact I kind of woke up, realized that my left wrist had been three-quarters severed, and later realized I had broken ribs, fractured ribs, a broken femur, deflated lung, punctured lung, and concussion, contusions and lacerations.”

STARS arrived within minutes of being dispatched, briefly covering a distance that otherwise would have been a half-hour drive by ground.

“With STARS, they pick you up on the highway, make you all safe, make you comfortable and get you to the hospital,” he said. “I have the utmost respect for all the nurses, the flight doctors, the flight crew — everybody with STARS — the front-end staff, administration, everybody.”

Herbison is a gym buff, and believes his heightened level of fitness likely played a major role in his survival. “I know it helped my recovery.”

He and his family are now STARS allies giving back every chance they get.


STARS is awesome!” he smiled.

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