On June 28, 2010 Maureen Callihoo received the call every mother dreads. The call came from a close friend of her 14-year-old son, Michael, saying there had been an incident with the ATV and to come quickly.

“We immediately got in a vehicle and went up there,” said Maureen. “We were one of the first on the scene.”

She recalled seeing a big truck on the side of the road and Michael lying on the ground nearby. “I went up to him and could tell he was hurt but I knew I had to stay calm,” she said. Michael was conscious, but scared. “I didn’t know what happened and he told me he got hit by a big truck.”

At that point, she realized it was the semi parked up the road that had hit Michael as he crossed the road. By this time, paramedics had begun to arrive on the scene, approximately 10 km north of Fort Assiniboine. They called STARS and once Michael was stabilized, he was transported to the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton.

Fortunately, Michael was wearing a helmet and did not suffer any head injuries. He broke his right arm and leg and spent about 10 days in the Stollery followed by another 10 days in the Barrhead Hospital. He continued physiotherapy for many months but was able to resume sporting activities that fall.

“He was back playing hockey by October,” said Maureen, who was grateful for the role STARS played in Michael’s care and his subsequent recovery.

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