Eleven-year-old Megan Morrow took a seemingly innocent tumble from a golf cart but when she got up and didn’t recognize her friends, they knew it was time to get help.

Megan’s experience began on the morning of August 25, 2011 while her family was camping at Slave Lake, about two and a half hours from Grande Prairie. Megan, her sister and a friend had hopped on the back of a golf cart, and when the young drivers went around a corner too fast, Megan fell and smashed her head to the ground.

At first the girls didn’t want to get in trouble, as they knew they weren’t supposed to be on the cart, but upon seeing Megan was unwell, they ran to get her parents. Megan was taken to the High Prairie Hospital, about a half hour away, and her condition was getting worse.

“The doctor at the hospital examined her and was concerned there may be swelling or bleeding of the brain,” said Wendy, Megan’s mother.

Hence, STARS was called to transport her to the QEII Hospital in Grande Prairie, and by the time the helicopter arrived, Megan’s personality had completely shifted.

“She is normally sweet and mild mannered, but she had become completely belligerent.”

Fortunately, at QEII Hospital, physicians conducted a cat scan that showed Megan did not have bleeding on the brain. She received treatment and once the swelling subsided, she returned to her normal self and was home soon afterwards.

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