Thank you for helping save Matea’s life.

Because of your steadfast support of STARS, Matea was able to celebrate her first birthday.

For two weeks one winter, it seemed Matea’s parents might never see that day, or have the chance to watch their daughter learn to walk, play with her sister or begin Grade One. A severe blood infection left the eight month old lethargic, swollen and struggling to breathe. Her veins were collapsing. The rural doctor knew Matea needed urgent critical care in the city and feared time was running out. He called STARS for help.

As the helicopter left, with Matea in the care of STARS’ air medical crew, her parents felt a flood of relief knowing she was in excellent hands.

Two weeks later, on Matea’s last night in hospital, her mother Pam wrote a letter. In it, she counted her blessings and expressed her gratitude. She told her young baby how tremendously grateful she was to have one more day, week, month, year, or decade together.

Every day, parents Pam and Terrace and sister Keziah thank STARS allies for helping save Matea’s life.

Watch Matea’s story here.

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