It was the worst day of her life. Marci and her husband were traveling home from a ringette tournament just outside of the Calgary city limits with her 13-year-old daughter Danielle.

It was February and the roads were extremely icy. They were in an accident that forced them off the road and up onto railway tracks, with an oncoming train in the distance. Marci and her husband did their best to get Danielle out of the back seat. Marci was still in the van with Danielle when the train hit them.

When she woke up hours later in Foothills Hospital, she learned the tragic news that her daughter died at the scene. Marci had been transported by STARS with injuries including a crushed T-11 vertebrae, and it was uncertain if she’d walk again.

Marci had three other children including three-year-old twins, and with her husband also suffering injuries in the crash, they relied on loving family and friends to get them through the next few months.
Marci, an LPN at Foothills Hospital, is grateful that her remaining children still have a mother, and she credits STARS with saving her life and getting her to emergency care quickly.

Marci defied the odds and is walking again. Her family gives out an annual award at the same ringette tournament where Danielle was to play the gold medal round that ill-fated afternoon.

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