STARS had just begun operating in Manitoba when Maranda Lanouette, a mother of two, was on an ATV ride with family in June, 2011 in the Woodridge, MB area.

Sadly, Maranda’s life changed dramatically when she turned to look behind and fell off her ATV, breaking her neck.

The ground ambulance wasn’t capable of reaching her remote location, and the only other option was placing Maranda on a backboard and driving her out by ATV along a bumpy trail. Then there would be an hour and a half drive to the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg.

Luckily, the STARS helicopter was nearby and able to fly to her to Winnipeg within 20 minutes.

Maranda uses a wheelchair and is moving forward with her life. Recently, she was elected to town council and volunteers as an office coordinator with the Ste.-Anne Police Department.

She shares her story any chance she gets.

STARS didn’t just save me. They gave my husband his wife, my children their mother, my parents their daughter, and my siblings their sister,” she said. “I would not be here today if Manitoba did not have this service.”

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