Lucy and her family enjoyed spending their summers camping near Rocky Mountain House. On the Saturday of a September long weekend in 2008, Lucy wasn’t feeling well and after lying down for a few hours in their motor home, she woke her daughter Pat later that night and said she was having trouble breathing.

Pat took her to the hospital, where Lucy spent three days with pneumonia. By Tuesday, she had become unresponsive and with very high blood pressure, a decision was made to call STARS to transport her to the Peter Lougheed Hospital in Calgary.

As Pat drove with her father to meet Lucy, she knew her mother was in good hands. Their family had already been long-time supporters of STARS, making annual memorial donations in honour of a friend who had passed away 15 years prior.

Pat said Lucy spent 15 days in ICU, and there were times when they didn’t know if she’d pull through. Her body was fighting the respirator and her kidneys started to shut down.

When they finally got the fluid out of her lungs, she developed a blood infection and was moved into the isolation unit.

After almost a month in hospital, Lucy was released. As a result of her experience, she lost her hearing in one ear and is partially deaf in the other, but is still able to enjoy the family camping trips.

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