When STARS was established in 1985, Les had already been a member of the Lions Club for about 25 years. When the Lions Foundation provided start-up funding to STARS the next year, Les never imagined that one day the red helicopter would land in the middle of an intersection in Sherwood Park to transport him.

Les remembers that sunny Saturday morning in July 2008 when he went for groceries and was waiting to cross an intersection to get back home.

When the walk signal came on, Les began walking across five lanes of traffic and was almost to the east curb when a pick up truck turning left struck him.

Les doesn’t remember anything after that, but has been told that someone performed CPR, and members of the fire department across the street came to his aid.

STARS arrived within a few minutes and took Les to the University Hospital.

He suffered many injuries including a collapsed lung and broken ribs, hip, ankle and collarbone along with some bones in his back.

He spent a month in the University of Alberta Hospital, then another month in Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital.

Today, Les says he’s doing well, other than he’s unable to golf or curl anymore.

He continues to be active with the Lions Club of Sherwood Park, and as treasurer, recently went to the Edmonton STARS base to present an annual donation.

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