Occasionally, Larissa Helbig eyes her herd of 25 bison and wonders which one sent her to hospital in a helicopter. The bison on her ranch near Devon have been Larissa’s livelihood for 14 years, but in August 2012, something terrible happened.

As she let the animals out of the corral, Larissa was slammed to the ground and gored. When a coworker found Larissa she was barely breathing and he called 911. While the ambulance was en route, her lungs collapsed. STARS was dispatched and, not long after, the pilot landed the helicopter on her ranch. She was flown to University of Alberta Hospital, where she spent nearly a month recovering.

Larissa has returned to working with her bison and credits STARS with saving her life. “If you are sitting on the fence about supporting STARS, don’t. You never know when it’s your turn.”

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