Nearly every day, Krista Dryden jogs along a country road near her home in Stettler, AB. It’s is an impressive feat, considering not long ago Krista was clinging to life in the back of a STARS helicopter after being shot by a stranger on that same road.

On May 28, 2012, Krista was stopped by a man she assumed was looking for directions. To her surprise, he demanded she get into his car. When she refused, he pulled out a gun. Krista ran but the gunman’s shot struck her back, inches from her spine and clipped the top of her lung. She stumbled, but got up and kept running.

She was spotted by a neighbour, who called 911. Ground EMS responded and drove her to Stettler Hospital and Care Centre, but because of the severity of her injuries and amount of blood loss, doctors determined she required urgent treatment. STARS was called to transport her to Foothills Medical Centre.

Not long after her mission, Dryden and her family visited the STARS base and met her crew. She wanted to say thanks for a second chance and the opportunity to watch her four daughters grow up. “Without STARS, this could have been a very different outcome,” she said.

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