I’d never been ice fishing, so when friends suggested it, I jumped at the chance. As the day wore on, the fish weren’t biting and a blizzard was brewing, so we headed back to town.

Visibility was terrible, and our truck careened into the ditch and rolled. I was ejected from the vehicle.

It took my friends 20 minutes to find me in the dark. I was in rough shape and becoming hypothermic. My friend ran to a farm house and called 911. Thankfully, STARS was dispatched to the scene.

My body was shutting down, but my paramedic and nurse onboard the helicopter fought hard to keep me alive, resuscitating me multiple times and giving me blood transfusions. At the hospital, medical staff predicted my disabilities would be severe.

Terrified at the thought, I fought for my life.

My family, friends and the racing community I was part of for 13 years rallied with me. Today, I have almost completely recovered.

I owe my life to STARS.

I hold my loved ones closer than I did before. My racing career has taken off and I give back by mentoring others.

My friends and I have even been back ice fishing on that same lake. We’ve caught plenty of fish since that day.

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